IVUE Software Installers Help

Desktop Manager:

The DesktopManager replaces the need for a system java runtime. It will handle starting up ivue environments with its embedded java capabilities. Java versions starting with 11.x (the latest as of March 2019) no longer include WebStart functionality. DesktopManager is the only method of launching iVUE if a Java runtime of 11.x or above is installed. More information is available on the community here: https://community.nisc.coop/docs/DOC-55002


The Progress Database client is required on a PC that will be using the ABS GUI (ABS 1.X) software. It is also required for any PCs that will be used for Crystal Reports development against ABS 1.x or SIS(Telecom) data. The automated install provided by NISC will install the Progress client as well as any service packs. For an ODBC connection, click on the Reporting ODBC link needed on the previous page for the data source needed.


The Oracle database client is required for any PCs needing access to the database for reporting purposes via ODBC/Crystal Reports. Currently CIS, ABS 2.x, and OMS 2.x all use Oracle as a backend database. For an ODBC connection, click on the Reporting ODBC link above for the data source needed. If you are running a 64bit operating system (64bit Vista or 64bit Windows 7), please use the 64bit ODBC link, otherwise Crystal Reports will not see the ODBC.

Windows 7 and Vista:

The oracle automated install requires administrator priveleges. Microsoft has enabled extra security in Windows 7 and Vista which requires additional steps.

First, Click the "Install Oracle Client" link on the main ivue server page.

When a dialog box comes up to Run or Save, select Save and save the file to your desktop.

Finally, right click the "setuporacle" file and select "Run as Administrator"